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My message sent privately to Marcie Murray <mrsbrite@...> bounced - and so I hope to reach her via Jewishgen

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Hello David

I have a question for you, as you opened that door that I can ask.

A woman on JG with, she says 45 years’ experience, sent me a ton of info about my family.  I am convinced of her expertise. As I mentioned I am trying to find out the Hebrew name of my great Aunt Jenny nee Weiss  ( twin sister to my grandmother Sheyna, AKA Sadie ) to erect a matzeiva on her kever which had been neglected since she passed in 1973

She sent me the following


Their father was Named Tzvi Hirsh. On my grandmother’s matzeiva it only says Hirsh. Is Girsh also a common name for Hirsh? 

She also noted the following : The two 13-year-olds -- Sheina and Iakha Vismontskii -- must be twins Sadie and Jennie Weiss. (Iakha, per Alexander Bieder's Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names, is a version of Yocheved -- or Yokhved, as transliterated in the book.)

Have you ever come across the name Iakha? How can I confirm that if this is indeed my Aunt Jennie how can I confirm that the Hebrew name of Yocheved is correct?

Just trying to have some confirmation. Also I think the last name of Vismontskii might have been shortened to  Vais and then Weiss. Does that seem realistic to you?

Thank you for your input.


Question one:

Yes - I read it on the " main@..." < main@...> list nd sent my response to you directly rather than on the public list

Every single person on the lists was once upon a time a newby - so just feel free to ask whatever!

I will quickly admit that I do not know when I don't


At 16:07 02/12/2022, Marcie Murray wrote:

Thank you David for responding?
Did I post my question on the JG General list?  Is this the Lyris list that the "owner" of the nonexistent (by her own admission) LitvakSIG mentioned? I plan on searching the archives as you suggest.
Thank you for you help.

Marcie Murray

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From: David Lewin < david@...>
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To: Marcie Murray <mrsbrite@...>
Subject: Re: [] Newbie researching Vilna Lithuania #lithuania
At 21:03 01/12/2022, Marcie Murray wrote:


I hope this is the best way to post for the help on researching Vilna, Lithuania. Apparently there is no Litvahk Group on Jewish Gen even though one is listed.

I was just informed that my grandmother was born in Vilna in 1891. Her maiden name was Weiss and she had a twin Sister. She married in the US.  I have her Marriage certificate with is somewhat illegible regarding her mother’s first name. (Po(Possibly Sarha or Basha Chaimowitz) See Attached

Her father̢۪s name is listed as Herry and is somsomewhat different than the English name he adopted, Harris. But his Hebrew name was Tzvi Hersh according to his matzeiva. He died in the US.

I did a cursory search on ( Does one need to pay to access that?) It seems that most of the info there is after WWII. What is the best way to proceed with little information.

One of the things that spurred my search was that I was looking to find My great Aunt Jennie’s ( M( My grandmother’s twin sister) burial place to detertermine her Hebrew name and found her, but her grave had no headstone!  I want to have one erected but I want to put her Hebrew name on it.  Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated
-- Marcie MurrayMinneapolis MN

Hello Marcie,

I have no answer to your question, but a suggestion

By writing to the Jewishgen general list you reach the individuals who happen to be there on the day that you write.

Jewishgen has a wonderful database

The JewishGen Discussion Group message Archives

Search more than 588,000 topics. 1993-date.

which has ALL the messages for the past 30 years or so. If you search in there you will definitely find all the people who actually search(ed) for the family name(s) which you quote.- starting with your own message. I say that to highlight the fact that the system updates itself constantly

Best of luck and be well

David Lewin



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Marcie Murray

Not sure why it bounced. You can also send to mrsbrite@... (not monitored so closely or mrsbrite7@...
Marcie Murray
Minneapolis MN