Minsk gubernia town - Chuty, Huta or Choota #belarus

Risa Heywood

Is anyone familiar with a village or town in Minsk gubernia that was known as Chuty or Chuta? I am trying to figure out the town or area my great-grandmother's family was from so I can start searching for Russian records. I haven't found any Russian records for the family on JewishGen and the town names I have are not pointing to one area or district.

The surname in the US was Zipkin or Chipkin, family story says it was Tzipkin in Russia. The passenger list records that I have are for Zipkin, Zipin, Cipin (2) and Tzipin. These are for 6 siblings.

Any US document without a specific town name says that the family was from Minsk. Documents that give town names for where the siblings were from or born give the following towns:
Szmilowitz and Schmilowitz
Chuty, Huta and Choota
Yurewitz and Jurewitz
The spouse of one brother who married in Russia was from Nistonowitz

I've used the JewishGen Town Finder and also the Gazeteer but the most likely town matches seem to be:
Szmilovich could be Smilovichi, Igumen district or Smolevichi, Borisov district
Yurewitz - could it be Yaremichy, Rechitsa district
Nistonowitz could be Nestanovichi, Borisov district, Minsk
Nothing likely comes up for Chuty, Huta or Choota. It could be many tiny villages.

Any help is appreciated!
Risa Daitzman Heywood
Arizona and Portugal

Krzysztof Witaszek

 Huta (Huty) is a Polish word for the smelter or ironworks. There were hundreds of small villages with that name in the area where once was the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (before the partitions of Poland in the end of XVIIIc)    .
Look into the Geographic Dictionary of the Polish Kingdom (Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego) and you find four such villages in the Minsk area, in particular Ihumen  county. 
    (On the left bottom page)  
  (The dictionary was written in XIXc, I  don't know if it was ever translated into English)  
 Today's name for Ihumen is Chervyen  (Чэрвень) some 40 km east from Minsk.
There are other Huta's located  in Minsk Gubernia,  but more distant from Minsk.
Krzysztof Witaszek

Risa Heywood

Thank you, Krzysztof! That's a resource I haven't used.

Some of the entries have been translated on the Polish Genealogical Society of America website. There is also an article by Daniel M. Schlyter on how to read an entry in that dictionary.

The book can also be found on the Internet Archive in many formats including full text which is easiest to use with a translation program.
Risa Daitzman Heywood
Arizona and Portugal

jack nathanson

There is also the town of Kuty in Galicia.

Jack Nathanson