Minsk - historic city street names #belarus


Hello JewishGen Community!
Does anyone know if there is any resource out there that can provide listings of pre-Soviet Union street names for Minsk? Anything from the 19th century or early 20th century would be wonderful (the roads were all renamed after the revolution, so post-war maps and documents are of limited use)
I'd prefer a table or index (like can be found in directories), but after failing to find anything at all - I'd settle even for a detailed street map :)

Digital resources would obviously be preferred, but I would be open to searching for a copy of a physical book or document in any language.

Many Thanks!
Daniel Eig

Paula B

The JewishGen Belarus SIG has some resources on  Minsk City Homeowners Lists from 1889 and 1911 that seem to include street names. Please see https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Belarus/MinskHomeowners.htm. I hope this is the kind of thing you mean.

Paula Berinstein

Robert Murowchick

Hi Daniel,
If you are willing to search actual maps, a number of early detailed street maps of Minsk are available online, including:


This site http://www.karta-minska.nemiga.info/  has a number detailed Russian and Belarussian maps. Among these are two modern renderings of the Minsk city layout taken from Z. V. Shibeko and S.F. Shibeko 1990, «Минск: страницы жизни дореволюционного города» (Minsk: Pages of the Life of a Pre-Revolutionary City”). This page  http://www.karta-minska.nemiga.info/minsk-1898.htm  shows the layout with street names from 1898 and http://www.karta-minska.nemiga.info/minsk-1903.htm shows the city in 1903, both attached here. 


This Belarussian map site http://www.karty.by/ also has a number of excellent maps.

http://www.karty.by/2012/02/09/minsk-1858/ provides a high resolution of a Minsk map from 1858 (note that there are two images, the left half and right half of the map). (This site http://minchanin.esmasoft.com/maps/1858/index.html offers the same set of 1858 maps, attached here)

In case you are interested in making comparisons with later maps, you can find a highly detailed street map of Minsk in 1934 at http://www.karta-minska.nemiga.info/minsk-1934.htm (also attached)

http://www.karty.by/2017/07/05/minskaya-guberniya-1870-god/ offers a highly detailed 1870 map of Minsk province

http://www.karty.by/2014/03/15/minskaya-guberniya-1821-god/ offers a highly detailed 1821 map of Minsk province


Robert Murowchick    <robertmurowchick AT gmail.com>
Needham, MA

Researching these family links:
MUROWCHICK/MURAWCHICK/MURAWCZYK etc (David-Gorodok and Luninyets, Belarus; Passaic
New Jersey, Chicago)
KUNECK/KONIK/KYONIK (Kozhan-Gorodok, Belarus)
EPSTEIN/EPSTINE (Gavish/Gavieze, Liepaja, Latvia)
SEGAL/SIEGEL (Tilsit, Koenigsburg, Germany; Baltimore; Chicago)

Michael Paul

Hi Daniel,

Here's a couple of options from a friend in the Jewish Families from Belarus Circa 1330-1945 Facebook group. He sent me 3+ page street list which I've attached. 

Site orda.of.by have interesting service with four maps at screen (old+new)
And he mentioned the groups/myminskhistory on FB and you may find someone to help.
And the book "All Minsk. 1911" available at FamilySearch, there are all streets and crossroads. But the book in Russian
Good luck,
Michael Paul