Montvale Cemetery, Woburn MA #usa

Gail H. Marcus

I have found references to a Montvale Cemetery in Woburn, Massachusetts (see attached).

I can't find this cemetery anywhere, and I can't find a reference to any current cemetery once having that name.  Does anyone know anything about this cemetery--exact location, current name, contact information.

Would appreciate any help!

Gail Marcus
Bethesda, MD

Andy Monat


There is a complex of Jewish cemeteries in Woburn around Washington Street and Central Street, just a few blocks south of Montvale Ave. See which has a map with their locations and names.

Here's a page on FindAGrave for a Louis Singer who died in 1936 which could well be the person in question: The Hebrew name seems to be Eliezer son of Moshe.

Andy Monat
Melrose, MA


 I believe it is officially known as the Woburn Jewish Cemeteries, located at 19 Washington St. Woburn, MA.  It includes about two dozen congregational burying grounds.  Washington St. is off Montvale Ave. in Woburn, thus the reference to Montvale Cemetery.
Three of my great-grandparents are buried there and I visit every year; there's no question that it exists.
Yale Zussman
Framingham, MA

Gail H. Marcus

Thanks for your response.

The person who died in 1936 doesn't match the person I was looking for--both in age and in the father's name.  Those facts, and the fact that the unveiling announcement gave a cemetery name that is different from the name used in the unveiling announcement, made me wonder if it was possible that the announcement might be referring to a different person buried in a different cemetery. 

Gail Marcus
Bethesda, MD

R Jaffer

Many of the non-JCAM managed cemeteries in Woburn  have been photographed and can be searched on JewishGen's JOWBR database.

Roberta Jaffer