More on USCIS Proposed Fee Increase

Marjorie Geiser

Hi all,

I had a couple comments to make on this topic, and wanted to share.

First, I received an email from Reclaim the Records that they're now involved, which is great news. The more organizations involved, the better.

Second, I have found that GJ, as well as JRI-Poland, offer invaluable search options without having to donate to the organizations. There have been so many people who have willingly responded, and helped me FIND family members, from both organizations, without asking me to pay a fee in exchange. Yet, I first had to pay $65 to see if there were ANY records through USCIS, then I can 'kindly' pay another $130 to get copies of the two file sets they found.

Third, today I took the time to follow the steps on, and I must say it was extremely easy. I first created what I wanted to say (which included " Genealogy Program and DHS Docket No. USCIS-2019-001") on a word document, so I could copy and paste. Then I opened the link on recordsnotrevenue, and pasted my comments. Since I had read all the previous comments both on this EML and on the recordsnotrevenue page, I had a good sense of what I wanted to say (which I'm happy to share with anyone). Since I already had an experience with this, I was able to include that in my comments.
Then I went to the links for both Senators and Representatives, and was able to easily paste that same document into my comments to them.

Overall, it MAYBE took me 15-20 minutes in all.

Margie Geiser
From snowy Arizona, USA