Mount Hebron Cemetery - Flushing, NY #usa #photographs

Rebecca Parmet

Is anyone going to Mount Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NY in the near future? 

I have 2 graves which need to be photographed.  They are right next to one another.

Rebecca Parmet
Havertown, PA




HIRSHMANN/HIRSHMAN (Estonia/Lavtiva/Ukraine)


Fred Kolbrener

Some thoughts on your request:
1.  ALWAYS provide the names on the gravestones that you are seeking along with their locations in your requests.  This saves time in that the person who might take the photos won't have to contact you to get the information.
2.  People registered on FINDAGRAVE or BILLIONGRAVES (including me) will usually check both sites to see if an entry exists for the names you provide.  If there is not an entry for them we will often create one and request a photo.  Sometimes a photo has already been taken by as well.
3.  Although photo requests on Findagrave may get action within days, weeks, months or years; one never knows when someone will decide to go there.  Many people who like to take photos at Jewish cemeteries are not Jewish, so having a photo request on Findagrave will expand the chances of getting one taken.  (Two requested photos for my family just got taken after 2 years on the request list). 
4.  If you provide the information to me, I will create a photo request for the graves for you.

Fred Kolbrener
Woodbridge, VA

Researching: KOLBRENER (Lezajsk); SCHWARTZ (Glogow Malapolski); ZINDEBAND (Minsk); LIFSHITZ (St Petersburg/Minsk); JABELOW (Minsk); BOHRER (Lezajsk); POLLACK (Minsk); BLUMSTEIN/BLUMSZTEJN (Goworowo); FRETER/FRATER (Czyzewo)

Ilene Wagner

-- if you can afford to pay, Mt. Hebron will fulfill requests for photos. The cost is $14.50 each.  Look up the internment in the database, click on the person’s name and a map with grave location will appear along with an option for a photo.  Pay online.

Ilene Wagner
Fultonville, NY

Linda Higgins

Go to RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) . Click on the volunteers link and see if there is a volunteer in that area.

Linda Gordon Higgins
Spring, TX