MSTISLAVSKY from Chernigov #ukraine

Lisa Liel

I'm trying to track down information on the MSTISLAVSKY family from Chernigov.  My maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's father was Nison TSIMBEROV.  I believe his brother Abram was married to Gisia MSTISLAVSKY.  And their daughter Golda was married to Moshe ben Hirsch MSTISLAVSKY.  As of 1882, Abram and his family were registered in Starodub and were living in Shostka.  Moshe and Golda and their family lived next door to them in Shostka, but were registered in Novgorod Seversky.

Nison's granddaughter (my great-great-aunt) married Louis DUBNOW, and I know that Simon DUBNOW, the famous historian, was from MSTISLAV, and sometimes used M. MSTISLAVSKY as a pseudonym.  I have no idea if there's a connection there.

Lisa Liel

Lin Mor

Lisa, Have you come across the name Amchislavsky in your research? Amchislav or Omchislav is the Yiddish name for the town Mstislavl, located in the Mogilev Region, Eastern Belarus. I have yet to discover definite proof, but my theory is that at some point in time, before the Napoleonic Code requiring last names was enacted in the early 1800's, a number of Jewish families left Mstislavl to live in Chernigov and Poltava. When last names became required, some chose a place name. Mstislavsky, with -sky at the end, quite possibly means they they came from that place. (You may already know this.) I am sorry that I have no help for your immediate question, but may I suggest that you ask on the Ukraine SIG as well as UKR-Chernigov@... may have suggestions. I did look unsuccessfully on the Jewishgen Ukraine database,