My JABLOW Family from Minsk #belarus #names


All my mother's family adopted the name JABLOW when they came to the U.S., but I can't find records for them in Minsk. Does anyone have any idea what their name in Minsk might have been?
Many thanks for your help.
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The Jablow Family in my tree came from Strassburg, Germany (at the time). Strassburg is right on the border with Poland and flip-flopped country many times. Their original name was Jablonowski. You could try that name.
-Judith Rapaport Sternberg
Boise, Idaho

Sherri Bobish


A soundex search at
for surname JABLOW finds this surname in Minsk records, along with other possibilities:  YAVELOV

I see a December 1903 Ellis Island passenger manifest for Ender JABLOW from Minsk.  If you look at the manifest you will see the name JABLOW was written over a crossed out surname that looks like GZABLO,  Although, I'm not quite certain about the first letter being "G" or something else?


Sherri Bobish