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Sarah Greenberg,
I have not been researching that spelling but of that of MENDELEWICZ, MENDELOVICH and MENDELEWITZ in Belarus. They all mean the same: son of Mendel. The family has roots in Belarus that supposedly go back to 1650. Perhaps we should talk

Alan Tapper


I would love to share information. I have traced my Mendelson line back to the 1700's. Most of them being born in Mogilev and Shklove Belarus. I still have many gaps in my tree with at least 65 names of Mendelson ancestry that remain a mystery fate unknown. I am always looking for new connections to help fill in those blanks. There are a few leads I have traced with no positive results even though I know there is a connection. That makes me sad, when they don't want to answer you, even just to at least confirm or say no. My great great grandfather was Morduhk Mendelson and his father was a Movsha-Shlema/Shlomo. My great grandmother was Anna Mendelson Rakovschik who was one of at least 12 children. Two of her brothers Samuel and Louis also came to America. 



My grandfather was Lazaro Mendelejis. His Uncle, Jimy, changed his last name to Mendelson when he arrived to the USA. They all came from Uman Ukraine and I have a lot of information. Maybe we can find a link.

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Jorge Abraham


Hello Jorge,
My great grandfather’s name was Chaim (Charles) Mendelson. 
He was from Romania and died in NY in 1916.
He married Pauline Weintraub in Romania.
Any chance of a connection to your Mendelson family?
Donna Lester

Marjorie Geiser

Although I would usually respond to such posts privately, since there seem to be quite a few Mendelsohn's, I thought I'd go ahead and respond to the group.
My maternal 2nd g-grandmother was Rebecca Mendelsohn (Rivkah Rikel), born apx 1849 in Warsaw. Her father was Shmuel Mendelzon. I know nothing else about her family and have been unable to find anything.
She married Vitor Moczydlower (in US Mochedlover) in 1872 and immigrated to the US  in 1907, where eight of her ten children also ended up.
Margie Geiser
Northern Arizona, USA



Hi All
So as I stated in my previous post I have researched this line for years and have it going back to the 1700's. As far as the records revealed my earliest ancestor is Shlomo Mendelson born about 1760. It is not known to me how many children he had. I only have names of two, Nochim born 1788, and Yankel born 1801. Each of them had children and so fourth the branches spread. I have well over 100 names and about 65 of them are a mystery fate unknown. So, I always seek to find connections to help me fill in the blanks. There are decendants out there, that I have been unable to make contact with as of yet but I know they are out there. Some of those maybe under the surname of Doctoroff, Woll/Wall, Allen, and Dumchin to name a few. So if anyone of you out there has any of these connections please contact me. I understand that over the course of history people moved around a lot due to numerous wars and dislike, but I am positive that my line stems solely from Mogilev/Shklove Belarus. Feel free to ask me questions.
Sarah Greenberg(USA)


Hi All
I am seeking any information on descendants of Rosha Mendelson. Rosha Mendelson was born in Mogilev Belarus about 1875/76. Her parents were Movsha-Shlema and Sorah Mendelson. Rosha married Nakhman Goldberg. The only evidence I have found is their marriage date of 1901 on website. Someone else who is from the Goldberg side is also seeking information. Also seeking any information on descendants of Zelik Mendelson. Zelik Mendelson was born in Mogilev in 1897 to parents Yosel and Rokhilya Mendelson. Zelik married Leah Pozina and had a daughter Elya or Gayla.  Elya married someone with surname Dumchin I believe and had 3 children of Sima, Evengy, and Lyudmilla. I have tried in the past to contact Elya, but I never got a response. I believe she was living in New York according to a POT she submitted, but now I think she has passed. I would like to contact her children but have no clue where they are. So any and all information on both my Mendelson ancestry queries is appreciated.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)