Naming customs in the Ukraine in early 1830s #general #ukraine

Diane Barnett

My gg grandfather, Ephraim Harris, was born in 1819 in Brody, Ukraine. Shortly before the UK 1841 census he came to Merthyr Tidfil, Wales. He gave that name in the census and in his naturalisation papers. The family joked that there was unlikely to be the name Harris in the Ukraine. Two of his children gave the name Riseman as a second name to their children, a habit that has continued to this day. On his grave stone it give his name as Lieb ben Ephraim. A few years ago the Mormon Church put the 1800-1830 Jewish birth records in Brody on microfiche. I went through the records and found Lieb Reisman in his birth month of August in the correct year. His father’s name was not Ephraim Reisman but Gershon Reisman. Did Jews at that time have a public name and a Hebrew name? If not, it is strange that there was another LIeb Reisman born in the same month and year as my ancestor and no trace in this time frame of another Lieb Reisman.

Diane Barnett

Janet Furba

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