Narovlya #belarus

Susan Safyan

My paternal grandparents were from Narovlya in what is now Belarus. Does anyone in the group have photos, information, or stories about the town from c. 1800-1914? Anyone know about the Safyan/Safian/Sofian tannery and family, whose sons skated on the Pripyat River in winter? About the Gendelmans/Hendelmans who ran a bakery? Was there a family called Ha-Levi? 

Thank you for any information you can share! 

Susan Safyan
ssafyan (at)

Sherri Bobish


Have you seen this JewishGen page?  Additional resources listed on lower right-hand portion of page.

Narowlya [Bel], Narovlya [Rus], Narovla [Yid], Narowla [Pol], Naroŭla, Naroulja, Narovlia, Rovlia     Region: Minsk

Also, a soundex search on town Narowlya in the JewishGen Unified Databases:
finds hits with town spelled Narovli.  For instance, 119 hits in 
Belarus Duma Voters Lists.

Hits in other databases also.  Note that a phonetic search on the town name was not so productive, so choose soundex (sounds like) from the drop-down menu.