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Jan Meisels Allen



The U.S. National Archives Online Social Security Numident Files Database (1936-2007) includes some Application SS-5 files. These files have information about the person on the form from when they applied for a Social Security Card which is the SS-5 form. Note: not all data will be on each Numident file. Many of the Numident SS-5 files contains:

Name, Social Security number, date and place of birth, names of parents, other last name


The information from the National Archives Numident database is free.  Go to:

If you need to order the SS- form from the Social Security administration there is a fee. There is information on this in the article from Genealogy Roots see below.


Numident is the numerical identification system in the Social Security’s Administration’s computer database file of an abstract of the information contained in an application for a U.S. Social Security number (Form SS-5). This the definition from Wikipedia


Genealogy Roots Blog wrote about this on November 6, 2019, See:



Jan Meisels Allen

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Marjorie Geiser

Just to share from Jan's message, I have requested SS5 forms twice. The first one was for my grandfather, Jacob Levine, when trying to find who his parents, my g-grandparents, were. It was very helpful and broke open SOME of that brick wall.

The second one was for one of his sisters, Helen Levine Denison, because I haven't been able to find her birth info in Poland. Unfortunately, that SS5 didn't provide me with any info, because although she came to the US in 1906, when she was 6 years old, on the form, she put that she was born in the US...

However, I share this because this form can be VERY helpful!

Margie Geiser