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Daniella Alyagon

Good evening,


I have received from a family member the actual decrete of naturalization. How do I put in the request to receive the complete file?

Due to COVID 19 I have no way to travel to Paris in the near future. Is it possible to order document scans from the archive?



Daniella Alyagon

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David Choukroun

Dear Daniella, 

As far I as I know, you can ask the Archives for a reproduction (Scan or copies) as indicated here (so you need to open one account) :My account - Online catalogue ( 
There is a menu -- "reproduction request" (I must write that I never tried it)

You need first to go from the decree number to the exact reference of the box containing the file.  That can be easy or painful path
For that you can follow the SIV guidelines

I have no clue if they are really answering in a timely manner (they have probably tons of requests) and in any case all is closed those days in France for the Naturalisation files for 2 reasons : 
1/ Covid-19 of course
2/ They are moving the full "Naturalisation files" archives from one location to another one -- all the requests are rejected for the time being

To give you ideas, without Covid, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get access to a file (or at least a timeslot at a specific place (30Km from Paris)) to catch it). Then you can go on site and run the copies/scan yourself
With the Covid, I am afraid this is going to take months :(

I hope all will be back to normal early 2021

Stay safe !