Need Translation from Yiddish of pages on Viewmate from the 50th Anniversary First Wolochisker Benevolent Association program booklet #ukraine #yiddish #translation



There are 2 pages on Viewmate from the  50th Anniversary Celebration Banquet program booklet  of the "First Wolochisker Benevolent Association" in New York City.

 This lansmanschaft was formed in 1908, so the booklet is from 1958.
The town is now called Volochysk in the Ukraine. In 1908 it was on the western boarder of the Russian Empire. My grandfather, Abraham Rosenbaum, was active in the association. There was also another member with the same name.

Most of the booklet is in English, but about 6 pages are all or partially in Yiddish.

I am submitting 2 of the pages, I do not know how hard they will be to translate, but they are printed not handwritten.


I hope to scan and post this booklet and the 55th Anniversary booklet somewhere.

The pages are on the  Viewmate Image Gallery pages with  file numbers  89725 and 89726.
Thank  you in advance for your help.
This is the first time I am posting and hope I am follwing proper procedure.

Fern Gutman