Nemeth and Lessinger from Jesupil #galicia


Hi all,
I've recently started my genealogy search. I'm trying to find more information on my maternal family (Nemeth & Lessinger).

My grandfather Joseph Nemeth (1913-1988) was the son of Moshe and Dwora. To begin, the only facts I knew was that he was from Stanislawow.  That he had lost hist first wife and child, murdered in the street.  That he had 3 elder sisters and one brother, all presumed killed.  He had survived as a tailor working (running?) a clothes factory.  Later he jumped from a train which was heading to a concentration camp, when a guard had been temporarily overpowered.  Following this, he was hidden somewhere.  I believe after the war he tried to determine whether any family survived, but to no avail.

I'm somewhat lucky, because out of the very limited number of Galicia search returns for Nemeth, there are a few that relate to Moses and Dworja Nemeth.  From this I was able to discover that Joseph had a sister Jassa (Issa?) Brana who married Maks Brawermann (9/6/1925). They had two children Zygmunt (b 17/4/1928) and Wilhelm (b 28/5/26). Then I found records of another sister Ester Rachel married to Gedale Geller (14/8/1932).   Also, from these records the Nemeth hometown is listed as Jezupol. There is a death certificate for Dworjra Marjem Nemeth (1880-1929), but that end date seems strange because my uncle had thought Joseph's second wife had met his mother (1940's).  Which brings me to my grandmother - Aniela (Hannah) Lessinger (1922-2016) from a similar area. Unfortunately, that's all I know.

As you might imagine, these times were never a topic of conversation. Any help filling in gaps is much appreciated.  I have an ancestry DNA kist being processed in the next few weeks.

regards, Steve Wiederman
Wiederman (Ternopil), Szlage (Legnica), Nemeth (Jesupol), Lessinger (Stanislawow)