New and Updated Databases on IGRA’s Website

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new and updated databases on its website. There are over 1,400,000 records available in our databases. We want to thank the participating archives and the many volunteers who have prepared these databases. With each release we provide a variety of records to our collection.

A preview of the databases is available at


New Databases

Benefactors of the Tachkimoni School   Jaffa 1909   919 Listings


Tourists in Palestine  1935   615 Listings

“Helkat Mehokek” 1 booklet  (inscriptions of headstones in Mount of Olives cemetery)   1744-1903    1,300 Listings

Voters’ List of the Sephardic General Assembly in Jerusalem  1939  1,465 Listings

Voters Local Authorities Bat Yam   1939    559 Listings

Immigration Certificate Applications  1946   966 Listings

Jerusalem Census 1947  (Part One)      3,757 Listings

Lists of Rabbis from Rabbi Herzog’s Files    813 Listings

General Service Medal and the Colonial Police Fire Brigades Long Service Medal  1941-1957     54 Listings

Knesset Candidates   April and September 2019    2,756 Listings

Updated Databases

Residents Jerusalem United Home for the Aged  1823-1911   409 Listings

Births in Zikhron Ya’akov   1884-1920   1,409 Listings

Tel Aviv Census   1928   Various Neighborhoods      5,144 Listings

Voters’ List Knesset Israel 1936   Haifa   Letters Lamed, Shin-Tof   2,227 Listings

Notrim-Jewish Police Force British Mandate Period   Railway 1941   1,439 Listings

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates    2,294 Listings

Telephone Directory Haifa   1963   Letters A-D    3,752 Listings

Please note, the IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are available only to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.


Before viewing the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:


To view the databases, go to the database tab on the website.

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair