New book about Oscar Bloch, Swiss-Jewish architect in Stuttgart #germany

Eva Lawrence

My Swiss cousin has just sent me the book she inspired and initiated, about the work of her Swiss-Jewish grandfather, the architect, Oscar Bloch (1881-1837).  Bloch & Guggenheim, Ein Jüdisches Architurbüro on Stuttgart. The partnership was based in Stuttgart and mainly designed houses for the Jewish comunity there. The author, Dietrich W Schmidt is an architectural historian, and has meticulously catalogued and described every building and design produced by the firm, whether realised or rejected.  
There are photos and plans in every case, as well as informed comments of the transition of Bloch's style from traditional to avant-garde.
Reading the book is to see the history of Jewish  life in Stuttgart, with the restrictions that professionals gradually had to work under, something that my cousin summarises very movingly in her foreword.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.


Hi, Eva.  This is a long shot, but worthwhile trying.  Can you check in the book if by any chance they designed Villa Sahlmann in Furth (by Nurnberg).  Thanks.
Vivian Silbermann