New Vital Record Registers at the AGAD Archive #galicia

Mark Halpern

Dear Galitzianers:

It is impossible for me to write about Galician records without feeling the pain of the citizens of Ukraine, some of whom are our relatives. I know that in one way or another we are all deeply troubled by what we see and hear each day and as individuals we are doing what we can to support the humanitarian efforts to help the Ukrainian people. While the horrible situation is never far from our minds, we continue our efforts to learn about our families who lived in many of the same cities under attack at this very moment.  That's what makes this announcement seem so trivial in some ways.  Nonetheless, I would be remiss in not sharing today's news of importance to those researching your family histories in eastern Galicia, the part of Galicia now in Ukraine.

For the first time in far too long, there have been transfers of Jewish vital record registers from the Warsaw Civil Records Office (USC) to the AGAD Archives in Warsaw. The volumes that are now available to JRI-Poland for indexing are noted below. B=birth, M=marriage, D=death.

As most researchers are aware, JRI-Poland is only able to upload indices of town records to our online database after the data entry has been funded through the generosity of researchers for that town.  In the list below, the town names with an asterisk need your generosity before some already existing indices can be added to the database and before these new volumes can be indexed.

Borszczow: 1930-1937 M
* Boryslaw: 1938 M
* Drohobycz: 1918 B
* Kolomyja: 1938 M
Kozowa: 1934-1938 M
* Lwow: 1937 D
* Pomorzany: 1919-1939 D
Rozdol: 1916-1938 M
Sądowa Wisznia: 1919-1941 D
Sokal: 1938 M
* Stryj: 1936-1938 M
Tarnopol: 1938 M
Żółkiew: 1938 M
Zloczow: 1923-1938 M

These newly transferred volumes will not be available to users at the AGAD Reading Room until after they have been processed, entered into the Polish State Archive database and digitized. The volumes will be available to users only in the form of scans on the website after processing.

As always, I urge all Galician researchers to search both the JRI-Poland database and the Gesher Galicia database and use all the other information at both websites.

If you have any questions about these volumes or the town indexing projects, please write to me privately.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Research Area Coordinator for Lwow, Stanislawow, and Tarnopol Areas