Nitra ( Slovakia) cemetery #slovakia


Could anybody advise me on how to locate a grave ( my great grandfather's) in the Nitra ( Slovakia ) cemetery? We only know that he died in Nitra in 1929 .
Thank you
Judith Wolff

David Kennedy

This is a bit of a long shot, but here goes...

A few years ago, I engaged a Slovakian genealogist, Peter Nagy (rndrnagy@...), to help me locate some Farkas graves in Nitra cemetery. He happened to have some photos of the "F" pages from the cemetery register. The particular photo he sent me covered the years 1939 to 1955, but what I could see of the previous page covered 1922 to 1939 (including two burials in 1929).

Since your surname Wolff might be an English translation of the Hungarian Farkas, it is possible that Peter may already have a photo of the relevant register page for you.
Good luck
Dave Kennedy
Newcastle, NSW, Australia.