Norman Kline- teacher at Germantown High school, Phila, Pa. #usa

Steve Pickoltz

I'm still seeking any kind of info on Norman Kline, born Aug 3, 1928 in Phila to William "Billy" Kline and Florence Sherman.  He was the Chairman of the English Dept at Germantown High School in Phila, well into the 1960's.  In the death notice for his brother's (Harry) wife, Gertrude Schwartz, it list him and his wife as Marilyn.  I know he had two children, Ellen and Carol (Neddlemam???).  However, I don't know if Marilyn is the girls mother.  I am also trying to find out if, when and where he may have died and is buried, as well if Marilyn is  still alive.  Lastly, if Marilyn is not the mother of the two girls, who is the mother and what happened to her.
For those who already tried to help me with the above, thank you, but the above questions still need to be answered.  Can anyone help solve them?
Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey
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