Nuszbaum and Diosi/Diosy from Oradea, Romania (a.k.a. Nagyvarad) #hungary #romania #holocaust

Steve Stein

My GGGM was Betti Nuszbaum Steiner. She married my GGGF Refael Steiner and lived in Szilagynagyfalu (today Nusfalau, Romania) where she raised several children, among them my GGM Roza. There are extensive records from that region on the JG Hungary Database and I have a pretty good descendant tree for her, two brothers, and a sister.

I have tentatively associated her with the Betti Nuszbaum listed as a child in the 1848 Hungarian Census found on the JG Hungary Database, based on age and location. On that census list, she has brothers who I have subsequently found changed their surname legally to Diosi or Diosy (a translation from German/Yiddish to Hungarian, apparently). At least one appears to have relocated to Budapest. The motivation for the name change appears to have been to integrate or assimilate. At least one Diosy went to medical school in Hungary in the late 1800s.

Records for those brothers and for various Diosy descendants from Nagyvarad appear in the JG Hungary Database from that time period, and assembled on Geni and FTJP. However, the descendant trail appears to grow cold - there are no other researchers listed in JGFF for Diosi in any location. I can find several Diosys from Nagyvarad/Oradea on the Yad Vashem database.

Is this surname familiar to anyone? Did the Diosy surname disappear due to the Holocaust, or perhaps the descendant of the Diosys did not remain Jewish? TIA.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ USA