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Perry Mittler

I have found that my Grandfather Moritz Mittler came to visit an Aunt in NY, in 1911. The Ellis Island records shows he came to visit Aunt Lali River at 351 Rivington Street, NY. We know of no family that was here and he passed during the Holocaust in Lvov . I know the building does not exist anymore, but if someone can help me figure out who lived at 351 Rivington street 1911, Names that i can then try to figure how we are related. I would be much appreciated.
Perry Mittler  

Brian Kerr

A little more information on the family members would be helpful.

Like Maiden Names, Spouses, etc...

I only ask this because of the number of individuals with similar/same names in NYC during that time period.

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Try searching historic NYC directories on the website of the New York Public Library.  

1910-11 directory:  https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/b4fbfe70-7cf9-0134-f3fb-00505686a51c 
1911-12 directory:  https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/9796f8b0-7d0b-0134-41a7-00505686a51c

Ellen Morosoff Pemrick 
Saratoga County, NY



Using Steve Morse's ED finder, I tried locating this address in the 1910 US Census. However, Rivington St. was split among 50 or so enumeration districts so a manual search seemed impractical. I looked at ED765 and ED766, but the portion of Rivington in those districts had building numbers in the 200's. 

I then looked at google maps to see if I could find a cross street so that I could narrow down the list of possible EDs. The only addresses I could locate on Rivington St were below 200, so this was of no help. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of New York City will have more success with this approach.
Miriam Alexander Baker

The Becker's Email

Ancestry, Familysearch and Stevemorse all have Moritz Mittler arriving NYC on 12 Sept. 1907. (not 1911)  Familysearch transcribes his aunt's name as Sali Bean.  While the handwriting is hard to read, it appears the first name could be Sali or Lali.  The surname doesn't appear to be River but possibly Birn/Rirn.  The capital "B" and the "R" are very similarly written in other places on the manifest page.  I do not think the street number is 351 but more likely 301.  Everywhere on the page the number "5" appears it is very clear.  Suggest you get more input on the aunt's last name and the street number.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Paul Chirlin

The 1910 city directory lists streets and the address at cross streets
so the cross streets for 351 Rivington is that it is between Mangin and Tompkins.  Using Morse, that is ED 777.  I looked at that ED and the last number on Rivington is 349 before coming to the crossroad. There also is no 351 Rivington in the 1920 census, ED 336.  Is the OP certain that they are reading the manifest correctly?  
Paul Chirlin

Paul Chirlin

On Thu, Oct 6, 2022 at 08:58 AM, The Becker's Email wrote:
12 Sept. 1907

I agree, that is 301. The 1905 NYS census for that address is image 31 of 47 in AD 12 ED 11 and has no name similar to Birn. In the 1910 census it is Ward 13 ED 774 images 53 and 54 for that address, again no matches to Birn 
Paul Chirlin