Ohayon family from Morocco #sephardic

Samuel O

Hello all
There are a lot of Ohayon family out there. I am looking for information regarding Shimon Ohayon and Zahara Wizman from Sous Valley in Morocco. They had 5 children: David, Dina (Abu Darham), Masud, Alia (Edri) and Zehava (?). 

If you recognize this Ohayon family, please raise a hand.
Samuel Ovadia

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Hello Samuel,

My wife has a friend Michele Ohayon who lives in Los Angeles. Her Ohayon family is from Casablanca, then moved to Israel, where she was born. Her father was ELIE, son of Esther and Avraham/Albert.

Doesn't sound like same immediate family but PM me if you want to get in touch with her.

Bill Elkus
Park City, Utah

Sarina Roffe

Shimon Ohayon is head of the Dahan Center at Bar Ilan University
why not reach out to him?

Sarina Roffe
New York