Oleszyce - Schwartz Family from this town #poland #romania

Jacob Walzer

Anyone in the group have any connection to the city Oleszyce? Or to the Schwartz family in this town? 

My Paternal grandfather's mother was Malka Mala,
The daughter of Nachmon Walzer and Chaja Rachel Schwartz. I did find them on jripoland.  It seems like they had many children.  
Malka Mala married Yitzchok Meir Berg. And they lived in Moscicka. 
I did find her name as well with her children's birth. 
But I'm trying to find more information on the Schwartz family and the Walzer family.  
I only got back as far as her parents. 
My late grandfather Chanina Walzer,  survived the war. 
He kept his mother's maiden name Walzer.
So that's why we use the name Walzer.

I've also met Walzer's but I so far couldn't connect to see if they were originally from there. Since they are from Romania. But I was told that they may have moved there before the first war.

If anyone has any information for me I'd appreciate it very much.

All the best, 
Jacob Walzer 


Hi Jacob

My great grandfather was born in this town in 1876 - Naftali Gerstler. His parents were Marcus/Mordechai Gerstler and Rifka nee Altmann. His grandparents were Naftali & Blima Gerstler and Chaim Altmann. I don't yet know whether his grandparents also lived there.

I don't know if that connects anything.


Jamie Romer