Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....


That  doesn’t seem the case in my aol account. It might help some.
i have contacted support on three occasions with3 different numbers, one 2 days after launch, and no one ever got back to me so when a moderator says it is the proper place to email for ongoing site problems it is not sufficient. This is the only place.
Louise Hajdenberg
New York

Dahn Cukier


I have been on the mailing list for a number of years - I do not recall
how many, but over 5, most likely longer.

I have never found the family names in the signature to be helpful
or meaningful. I do have over 150k "relatives" on the
Ancestry DNA matches, I do find that somewhat helpful, but only
the first 300-400 matches.

With more and more awareness of data mining, I still see no reason to provide
more information via e-mails than necessary.

CUKIER, BRIF, LISABETZKI, SKLAVIR and their various spellings and abbreviated
forms. There are at least 4, 2, 5(and various shortenings), 3 of each of these that
I actually know of.

When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Saturday, January 18, 2020, 10:49:54 PM GMT+2, Wayne S Marcus <wsmarcus@...> wrote:

JewishGen got to be a important genealogy site by having a limited but strongly encouraged set of rules for the discussion group. Rule such as surname capitalization and informative titles, certainly aided readership growth and retention. These rules certainly are as significant to group success as the 8 noted in this thread. Without group success there will be nothing to moderate.
Wayne Marcus SDJGS
Irvine, CA


Avraham Groll

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