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<<have you ever heard of a town called
Cauaceu (used to be Hegykozkovaci before WWI)
in Bihor County near Oradea?
Thank you,
Deborah Zaccaro
Hi Deborah,

A few days ago I didn't have an answer to your question, however after finding
a new site, I think you may have a hit. I'm posting to the group because I
feel it may be of use for others researching the Transylvanian area.

Go to http://www.rotravel.com/sit/map/index.htm
Click on Satu Mare County
Look between the towns of Carei and Tasnad, near the River Erin and you will
spot a little town called Cauas (say Ka-oo-ah-sh). This may be what you are
looking for, as it is situated in the valley between two mountains (hills,
rather). In the old name Hegykozkovacs, 'hegykoz' means in between mountains.

Please know that in the last 50 years, county boundaries have changed back and
forth and some places that were at one time in Bihor County may well be today
in Satu Mare, Salaj, or even Cluj Counties.

Same holds true for names of smaller villages. "Cauas" is closer to "kovacs"
than Cauaceu (say Ka-oo-ah-chay-oo) and anyway, in Roumanian language, the
"ceu" is a suffixlike definite pronoun indicating masculin gender.

My best,

Susan Geroe