Ot in census #general

Friedman, H George

"Please take a look at item 108 of the cited materials. Ot means other color or race."

The problem is, this OT is not in the color/race column as an entry, but is an extra notation in the relation column. I suggest that it is just an extra annotation that the census taker or the taker's office added in scanning over the pages. It may have had no standard meaning. Other notations of this sort are found in the census, which I frequently find indecipherable. There is one like this on this page, in the wife's entry, that no one has mentioned.

George Friedman


It is worth noting that the OT in this case does not appear to have been written at the same time as the other information. It may nave been a notation that was made when that person applied for citizenship. It may be a code or it may be the initials of the person who verified the entry information for a later purpose.


Ralph Baer

I agree that it looks like it was written at a later date. Since Harriett (Hattie) was born in Albany, NY, she did not apply for citizenship.

In case anyone cares, here is her NY Times obit many years later after divorcing her husband David Schulte, marrying for a second time to Paris art dealer Édouard Jonas, and divorcing him also. 
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