Passenger Manifest and HIAS Special Inquiry Card Annotation Questions #usa


Regarding the Rochkes (Blume and Zeidel), yes you are correct in that you located their manifest.  Zeidel is my grandfather and he was naturalized under the US version of his original Polish name Isidore Kraftchick (Krawczyk). I don't know why he traveled with the Rochkes family but I believe they were related within the family.  No other immediate family immigrated with my grandfather. As you say he applied for registry and was issued a certificate of analysis with an R number in Sept 1942 and it says certificate of registry. I know to look for these things because of what you have shared with us. The C/A is attached.

Blume and the other Rochkes, Riwe, are mysteries to me. There was also a father/husband Eli Rochkes who traveled back and forth and on his manifest he lists a relative I can verify as part of my family as his contact in the US. In fact, that relative is where my grandfather stayed when he arrived in the states. I have searched for years and can't find any information about the Rochkes beyond what is on the manifest, no other names at all. So I don't know if she naturalized.

I thought if the notations were on the manifest, it meant they naturalized. Now I can see that the notations can mean that they started the process and if all goes well they may get naturalized. So if we read that a "505" is issued, that means a certificate of arrival can be issued? 
And what is a P file? I couldn't locate a definition. I apologize if you have explained it before. Your message indicates they may be available in the future?

In an attempt to learn more about the Rochkes mystery, I ordered my grandfather's C file. Unfortunately after the long wait, it had nothing more than the naturalization documents I had already located. I'm fortunate to have an original of his naturalization certificate and could locate the remaining items through a microfilm search.  I've now ordered an index search for my grandfather in hopes there will be another file with more information about the Rochkes mystery. He naturalized in November 1945.

Neither of the names Rochkes or Kraftchick were in the Name Index.

Thanks again for all your help - every piece of background information helps us to grow in our methodology.
Bobbi Kraftchick Hoyt
Houston Texas


Thank you very much Marian! That's incredibly helpful all the same; the family story was that he was so emaciated and sickly looking they thought he had tuberculosis, even though he didn't. 

I really appreciate your help in clarifying all of this for me.

Raishel Wasserman
Thousand Oaks, CA
Researching: Beidner, Wasserzier, Meleczinski, Lipsky, Cohen, Cwejbak, Markowitz, Slutzky