Philipsia Romania #romania

Marilyn Feingold

I am not sure of the exact spelling of this place or where it is.  I am told that one of my relatives is from there. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Marilyn Feingold

Valentin Lupu

There is not such a place in Romania. There are some places with names sounding close (and derived from Philips): Filipis Mare (the big ) and Filipis Mic (the small), Filipesti, Filipesti de Padure, (Forest).
The first two places, north of Targu Mures (Marosvasarhely) are in Transylvania. The last two places are in Wallachia and Moldavia,but i doubt they had any Jewish people
Valentin Lupu


This is just a guess from someone who's been looking into his own Romanian ancestry, but it sounds as if it could be Filiasi in the southeastern part of the modern country. Does that general geography square with what else you know?