Photo needed of gravestone from Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island, NY #usa #photographs

Rebecca Parmet

Good morning,

Is anyone going to Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island, NY soon?  Ik now Baron Hirsch will take photos but they said it could take several weeks.

I need a photo of 2 gravestones.  To the left and to the right of a relative that is buried there (Hannah Buchdriker).  Her husband was supposed to be buried next to her (she passed away first).  The cemetery says there is no one buried to the left of her but looking at the photograph taken of her gravestone, there is definitely a gravestone to the left of her.  I am thinking he might be next to her but there is no trace of burial info on him anywhere that I can find at the moment.  He died in Israel (as a US Citizen).  It would be great to eliminate (or confirm) he is next to her at Baron Hirsch.

This is her grave info:
Hannah Buchdriker
Died: Feb 22, 1939
Plot: B27 Krasilow

I already have a photo of her gravestone.  Link to findagrave_._com of Hannah Buchdriker

Thank you so very much.
Rebecca Parmet
Havertown, PA


Peter Cohen

I am FOIA on, and I was the one who took the picture of Hannah Buchdriker's gravestone.  It is my practice to photograph the entire section when I take a picture there because sometimes you find out that a relative you were not looking for is also there. I then post everything to findagrave. Looking through my files, I see that the grave to the left of Hannah Buchdriker is Lena Pastelnick (d. 5 Aug 1939) and to the right is William Logran (d. 25 Jan 1941). (You can view them on

In the New York City Jewish cemeteries, most burial society sections buried people sequentially, starting from the back. So, unless the family bought the adjacent grave at the time of the burial of the first spouse, they will not be buried together.
Peter Cohen