Pinkas Krinki

Avrum Lapin

Temple Sholom of Ontario (California)  has available a copy of the book Pinkas Krinki published in Israel in Hebrew and Yiddish in 1970.  There is text and photos. The binding is  in good condition but the book has some moisture damage.  Many libraries and museums have copies in their holocaust collections.

We acquired the book along with old prayer books from some one who was cleaning out an ancestor's home. 

Our first choice would be to give it to a recognized public collection  but others interested may inquire,

We expect the recipient to pay shipping and  hope for a donation. 

Bob Silverstein

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 09:39 PM, Avrum Lapin wrote:
Please provide a brief description of the subject matter.


I am a descendant of my late maternal grandfather who was born and grew up in Kriniki along with his parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. circa the 1700's and going forward.  The men were tanners, made leather goods and such for the soldiers, etc.
Would you happen to know if the Pinkas Kriniki and/or any of the books include the years 1700's-mid 1900's?  I am surely interested to be considered for them.
Thank you,
Barbara Klein Meyers 
Maternal  granddaughter of LOUIS (LEIZER)
ALK (any spelling/or derivative)of a name from Krinki.

Avrum Lapin

Avrum Lapin

I saw mention of the year 1652 and the last entry was 1941 . I saw a story from an Auschwitz survivor.  

Like many remembrance books Pinkas Krinki is a collection of memoirs etc. 

Avrum Lapin