(Poland) Impasse at POLIN Museum Approaches Resolution #poland

Jan Meisels Allen



The POLIN Museum in Warsaw has been in conroversy regarding the reappointment of its director, Dariuz Stola. He won a competiton for a second term but Poland’s populist government refused to reinstate him. Mr. Stola was the Museum’s director from 2014-2019.


To finally move forward the museum board, donors and other partners agreed to support Mr. Stola’s former deputy and current acting director, Zygmunt Stepinski, as the new museum director. They thought the choice would be acceptable to the government while still allowing the institution’s independence.


POLIN is unique in that it has three co-founders who have a say in the management: The City of Warsaw, a private Jewish historical association and the government’s Culture Ministry.


Mr. Stola announced earlier this week that he was giving up on being director of the museum.


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Jan Meisels Allen

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