Port of Marseille (France) 1941 shipping records & passenger lists #germany #france


I am tracing my grandparents' (Siegfried and Clara Rosenberg) journey from Frankfurt to New York City in May/June 1941. Earlier this year I visited Portugal and I found out that arrived in Lisbon by ship on 27 May 1941. Although the archivists who I consulted could not identify the ship, we established that it was likely to have sailed from Marseille (France).

Can anyone point me towards an archive in Marseille that holds shipping records? I'm hoping to find out whether a ship was registered as leaving Marseille for Lisbon a few days before 27 May 1941 and, if there was such a ship, to find a passenger list.

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Oliver Marshall
London – England

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,

Dear Oliver,

As soon as I read about Jewish German refugees in Marseille in 1941 who could board a ship to Portugal, then USA, I ask myself this question: was Varian Fry involved in their salvation?

I attach a link to his page, as this isn't a very well known story, unfortunately!

Now, how to answer your question ?

I have sent a message to the Archives of Marseille, I come back to you when they reply.

Sincerely yours

Bernard Flam

Archives et histoire du Centre Medem - Arbeter Ring of France (Bund, Workmen Circle)

Pierre HAHN

I left France from Barcelona to Lisbon and eventualy New York in August 1941
Pierre M Hahn, San Francisco


this is all we have managed to find for you, and it shows arrivals at Lisbonne
in order to dig deeper you will have to pay to access the site
bien cordialement
Christine et Lise from Le Havre, France