Possible match of my great 2nd great grandfather #belarus

Lauri Berlin Affrunti

I came across the marriage records of a possible great-grand aunt. According to my father my 2nd great grandfather’s name was Tsolid Brotherson. He had a daughter named Rivka. The marriage record states Rivka’s father was at Tsalel.
My grandfathers family was from Mogilev and this is where the wedding took place. Is it possible that this is the correct record? Thank you in advance.
Lauri Berlin Affrunti

Odeda Zlotnick

I've never heard of them "Tsolid".  I have, and frequently, heard Tsalel and Tsolel, both come from the Hebrew, biblical name Betsal'el.
When I try to imagine someone saying Tsalel or Tsolel, it sounds very similar to Tsolid.

Maybe someone misheard, maybe someone misread, or, maybe it was a mispronunciation by an older sibling that stuck as nickname.

If this were my family, I'd say it was extremely probable it's the same person.
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.