Postcard from Drohobycz #galicia #poland


Can anyone out there help transliterate this handwritten postcard, received by my grandfather in 1938? My understanding is that Moses Kreppel (sp.?) was a friend or relative, and my zaidy was urging him to get out of Poland, and that the family would somehow help him get into Canada. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ken Shelson


Veronica Zundel

It's a bit difficult to decipher because the handwriting gets smaller and also the card appears to start in the middle of a sentence. I suspect it is written by someone for whom German is not a first language (my mother's birth family came from Drohobych and I believe their first language was Polish). As far as I can make out:
'... bring because you know quite well that [name, looks like Jennie or Tevie] is not a young girl. For now I will end my writing and hope that you will not forget me, since this is for a benevolent goal. Greetings and kisses to you together with your wife and children, to Joel with his wife and children, greetings to Regina with her husband and children. My husband and children greet and kiss all of you.. [various other grettings, hard to read], Rosa Kreppel. Please answer at once.'
It looks as though while the address at the top reads Moses Kreppel, this is written by his wife Rosa as she says 'my husband'. It is clearly about arrangements to get an older woman (aunt? mother?) to Canada, but it may be the second of two postcards, since it starts in the middle of a sentence - or is there a back part that has the rest of the message? Perhaps you can find the back of it online?

Hope this helps.


Veronica Zundel, London
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