Prero, Rosenblum and Schwimmer from Munkacz #galicia #general #subcarpathia

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

My g-g-gf was Israel Schwimmer of Munkacz. I have found records related to his sister, Brane. The 1874 second marriage for Brane Schwimmer of Munkacz (daughter of Jakob Svimmer and Szure), lists her as a widow, marrying Israel Abraham ROSENBLUM, a widower, Talmud teacher, son of Beniamin [Rosenblum], and Beile Klein, born Rÿmánow in Galicia. You can see that marriage record here:

I have found earlier records in Munkacz showing children born to a Brane Schwimmer and Lazar (Eliezer) PRERO (but no marriage record yet). It seems possible that these two Brane's, PRERO and ROSENBLUM, are the same person, as the births for the Prero children stop about 1872, prior to Brane's being widowed. 

Would anyone have knowledge of any of these families? I am looking for some record of family history to bolster or deny my theory.

Stay safe,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
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