Printing Birth record #general

Shimy Karni


I got some old birth records. Trying to print them the background comes very dark, and it hard to read the
Any idea how to overcome this problem.

Shimi Karni, Israel

Frank Szmulowicz

Hi, Shimi,
I have noticed that when records are placed in viewmate and "read in a separate window (an option when viewing records)", out of a sudden they appear brighter and the print becomes more distinct. I do not know what magic viewmate employs, but all those old document do become more legible when viewed through viewmate lens.
Frank Szmulowicz

EdrieAnne Broughton

Many times documents can be 'manipulated' by using Tools on the viewers toolbar.  Often you can lighten and darken and my favorite is to increase the contrast.  When I was transcribing records for FamilySearch I used their tools all the time.  I also had it on my old Photoshop Elements.  I had an old Brownie snapshot of my grandmother's that had to have been taken about 1900-1905.  I was so light all over you could just make out that there were figures.  I took all day increasing the contrast on the image before three figures and the Loami, Illinois station sign emerged from the 'fog'. I still can't identify the figures but I figured out that it was Gram's paternal uncle and family, leaving for Canada.  I know little of that family because Gram's father died when she was two and after that the uncle was just about all that was left of that family.
EdrieAnne Broughton, Vacaville, CA