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Yonatan Ben-Ari

Rabbi Moshe of Kletzk (18th cent.) appears in several sources I've
seen in the past. I have reason to believe I may be a descendant of
his. One of his sons, David, also known as the "Galia Mesechta" per
book he authored, was the Rav of Novarodok during the 18th cent. I
have a g.g.g. uncle David who may have been named for him. One of Rav
David's sons adopted his father-in-law's family name HOROWITZ of
Minsk. David's son-in-law, who published David's book , was I believe

I have no family name for Rabbi Moshe though there are books which
mention his colleagues with family names. Sources which mention his
son David also don't mention a family name though Rabbis of Novarodok
who came before him are mentioned with family names.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is a descendant of the
above Moshe and/or David or anyone who knows if and what were their
family names.

In the past I've received links to various articles on Rabbi David.
Would appreciate replies from people with direct family or personal

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Adam Cherson

Dear Yoni Ben-Ari,

I am investigating this family as part of my research into the rabbinical history of this region and would like to ask whether the Rabbi Moshe of Kletzk you mention could be this one:

If so there is a tree for the family here: and you could use this resource to locate current descendants of the family.

Respectfully Yours,
Adam Cherson