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Laurie Sosna


My Sosna U.S. records (manifests, naturalization & draft registration) all say they were from Ivonivka (or various spellings thereof) Russia.
The spelling of the last name is consistent across the documents.

There are a crazy number of towns in Russia with that name, but I believe their Ivonivka to Ivonivka, Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine.
The town isn't listed in as a Jewish community near Yaruga:
But the information I have leads me to the town above.

Jacob Sosna (circa 1858-1931) and his son Benjamin Sosna (1874-1923) are buried in the Yaruga section of Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Queens. (Jacob is indexed with the last name Susner, it's a snafu from his death certificate). You can view the grave markers on findagrave.
Yaruga is just a few miles south of the Ivonivka linked above.
Jacob Sosna stated on his manifest that he was born in Zguriţa, Moldova, 15 miles south of Ivonivka
Morris Sosna (son of Benjamin) (1896-1964) and his family emigrated to the U.S. from Mogilev Podolski, 15 miles northwest of Ivonivka.
On Jacob's headstone, his father's name is ברוך Baruch, on Jacob's death certificate, it is Boris.
By my estimation, Baruch would have been born around 1835-ish.

Sosna means Pine in Russian, I've always suspected it was "chosen" during the time when Jews had to settle on a last name.
Family legend has it that Sosna is an adopted name (conscription avoidance, etc.), the original name was Reich.
Regardless, they would have been using Sosna since the 1870s.

I've done many searches through the records, wide and specific but I've never found anything.

They should have popped up in a census or revision list, somewhere, right?
If any records exist, where would they be? Where are these guys?

Thank you for any guidance you might have.

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco

SOSNA: Ivonivka (near Yaruga), Mogilev Podolski
GOIKHMAN: Rascov, Mogilev Podolski
LEVIN: Vilna (maybe), Dnipro (for sure)
GOLDBLOOM: Ostrowiec, Swietokrzyski, Poland
KOBB: Ukmerge

Gary Pokrassa

there are a number of records from Vinnitsa area which you can find in Alex Krakovsky's main wiki file atАрхів:Єврейське_містечко/Подільська_губернія#Вінницький_повіт

but I dont see any mention of this town anywhere in that area

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division