Susana Rubin

How to contact LDS, UKR SIG to know which archives they have online and how to access them?

Daniella Alyagon

As far as LDS goes you need to create an account on FamilySearch and then you can view their catalogue.

Daniella Alyagon

נשלח מטאבלט Samsung

John Byng

Sorry but I think this enquiry is too full of little known abbreviations.  Please take the time necessary to ensure your meaning is clear so that nobody else has to waste their time trying to work out what is meant.

Gary Pokrassa


You will find an extensive catalog for Nikolayev on LDS at this url
you will need to be registered to access this - registration is free

There are very few records otherwise available online
there are two files on the Alex Krakovsky wiki
Kherson County Ed. ed. code ]
The auditory fairy tale of the Jews of the city of Nikolaev. 1811  // HOME . F. 280. Op. 1. Ref. 9.
Auditory Tale of 25 Jewish Families of Kherson County Attached to the Towns of Mykolaiv. 1824  // HOME. F. 280. Op. 1. Ref. 21.
Auditory tale of the Jewish colony of Romanivka Kherson district. 1858 .
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Group

Susana Rubin

Thank you Gary. I appreciate your prompt response and the right link to the Nikolayev catalog. It is fantastic to know that there are that many archives online at my disposal.
I opened one, found item 2 as you have taught me in my previous query, and after linking each Cyrillic letter with Latin alphabet letters very painfully, I could get the title of Item 2, "Nikolayev oblast", but I could not even learn if this was an archive of births or deaths or anything else.
I realize now that I will not be able to do this on my own, not even to find which are the archives of interest to me.
What would you recommend to be the next step?
Thank you again,
Susana Rubin
Ottawa, Canada