Records of passport applications from Poland and trip to France #poland #france

wenglenski virginie



I am looking for my great grandfather who immigrated (with wife and child) from Poland (Lodz) to France (Paris) in 1913.

I suppose you needed a passport to cross the borders.

Do you know if there are records of passport applications and where they can be found?


I also want to know how my family made the trip between Lodz and Paris. They had no money.

Do you know the route usually taken and the means of transport used?


Thank you and  have good day.


Virginie Wenglenski


I don't know how to search these records, but I can tell you that my grandfather and his family had passports when they traveled from the area in the late 1890s to the US.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

David Choukroun

Dear Virginie,

There is a small hope using this path :

In France, there is what we call the "Fond de Moscou", because those files (more than 2 millions of files!) were stolen during the WW2 and then given back in 1990s to the French National Archives

In real those files are multiples -- and you may find several records (from a simple administrative letter, to much much more, including photo, passport (in real limited right to stay in France), etc..

Is Wengelenski the right name to search ?  Can you please share as well the first name ? 

Many thanks