Research In Luxemburg #holocaust


 My great aunt Keila Bespaloff and her husband Aron Margolin had been living in Luxemburg since 1927. They were sent to Theresienstadt in sept 42 and were murdered in Treblinka in October as stated in the Yad Vashem database. Their daughter luba died earlier in the 5 fountains ghetto in march of 42. How does one do to search the archives in Luxemburg and obtain information about them and their fate beyond what is listed at either YADVASHEM or Theresienstadt

Catherine JUROVSKY


Milton Koch

I have queried the Luxembourg Archives for documents from my family. I believe they are closed now-I did this earlier in the year. However, when I did my search on their website, it was necessary to know what the contents of files represented and that is not very clear.
I suggest you write directly to the archives for guidance. Milton Koch