Researching KUHN, GEIGER, WAGNER, ISRAEL 1700's to 1800's #germany #hungary #slovakia

Linda Z

Hi all. Wondering if anyone knows anything about these families who are my 3rd to 5th Grandmothers. New to researching and have exhausted all means in looking for DNA relatives to pinpoint right one and links to the others. Suggestions most appreciated. 

SUSANNA KATHERINA KUHN  b.11/19/1787 d.1/1860 presumed to be from Stos Kosice Slovakia from extensive searching but found another Annweiler, Rheinland, Germany. She died in Georgia USA. She married Lewis Linus Kruck or Crook. Two different records for this name show a Father to be Antonu Kuhn married to Anna Maria Hoeltzle and the other record showing Heinrich married to a "Katherina". She was both baptized and name entered in the Slovakia Synagogue Records from Stos Kosice, Slovakia as well as Reformierte Lutherische Annweiler Pfalz Bavaria records. 

MARIA AGNES GEIGER b. 3/23/1800 Buch Wurttemberg, Deutschland d. 2/5/1866 Charlton Georgia. She married Captain Hampton Joseph Lowther Sr. She had 8 children one of which was named King Solomon b. 1827. 

ANNA ELIZABETHA "BETSY ANN" WAGNER b. 10/29/1786 Winterburg Rheinland Preuben d. 10/2/1838 Oglethorpe Georgia. She married Alexis A. Fiquette b. 1760 from France. 

RHODA  ISRAEL b. 1798 South Carolina d. 1870 Tyrone Fayette Georgia. She married John Speer b.1790. 

Linda Sharona Zaret 
Rock Hill SC