Rivka Barbasch

Milton Koch

My PGM- Feige- family was Barbasch from Pidvolochysk, Poland (now =
I have found many siblings of her in both JRI-PL and Gesher Galicia.
However, I have just come upon RIVKA in several documents-her marriage =
to Mendel Wolf Weitman in 1928, as well as two pages of testimony from =
Yad Vashem. She supposedly was born in 1877. She apparently perished in =
1942 in the Shoah-no records of this found either.
One POT is by her nephew, Mordechai Barbasch, written in 1957. The other =
is by her brother, Yisrael, written in 1955.
I have not been able to confirm anything about her at all.
I scoured many genealogy sites to no avail.
I am trying to contact anyone of her relatives to see if there are =
documents to confirm her birth and death, in order to fill in mysterious =
gap in my grandmother=E2=80=99s sibship, as well as whether she had =
children, who would be my cousins!
Is it possible that births may NOT have been entered in official records =
at all??
Thank you.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA