Sheldon Dan

I am currently researching the ancestors of my mother's father, Samuel ROTTERSMAN (1895-1947).  Samuel was the son of Isaac ROTTERSMAN, who was born in 1861 in Stanislawice, Poland, near Bochnia and died in 1931 in Bochnia.  The family tree includes a lot of entries from Bochnia, Stanislawice, and Brzesko.

Isaac Rottersman was married twice.  His first wife was Mishket (Malka) BLONSKI, who was born in 1860 in Cikowice.  They apparently had seven children, but the only ones I was previously familiar with were my grandfather and two others.  Two of his sisters were Sadie Rottersman SIZELER (1889-1965) and Esther Rottersman Blonski MENSZER (1897-1964). 

Sadie and her husband Isaac had two sons born in Brzesko, A. Louis Sizeler (1910-1994) and Morris Sizeler (1912-1996).  They immigrated to Memphis, TN, where Samuel had immigrated earlier, and later moved to New Orleans, LA.  They had two daughters, Mildred (Millie) Sizeler LANDAU (1914-2000) and Ruth Sizeler HERZOG (1916-1994).

Esther married Isack BLONSKI and had one child, Nathan.  Isack apparently died in 1918 in Bochnia, and afterward Esther and Nathan immigrated to New Orleans.  Esther then married Joseph MENSZER and Nathan adopted his stepfather's name.  Esther and Joseph had another son, Sam.

The other Rottersman siblings were Ryfka Ruchla ROTTERSMAN (1884-1909), who married Josef Hirsh ROTTERSMAN (formerly FLEISCHER) (1875-1941);Tauba ROTTERSMAN (1893-1941); Majer (1901-1915); and Rachel (1903-1905).  Tauba married Josef Hirsh after Ryfka Ruchla's death.

After Malka Rottersman died in 1906, Isaac remarried.  He married Itel LANDWIRTH, born in 1881 in Ludwinow.  They had nine children, of which I only was aware of one, Nutke (Nathan) (1915-1996), who eventually settled in New Orleans.  The others were Chaim Baruch (1907-1944); Meilech (1909-1945); Josef (1911-1945); Henne (1913-1945); Elle Rottersman FISZ (born 1918); Arye (1921-1922); Adel (died 1945); and Olga (died 1945).  Itel died in 1939; most of her children perished in the Shoah.

We think Isaac Rottersman's father was named Szmuel, born in Wisnicz and died in Bochnia.  In my research, I have found many other branches that may have ties to the region.  The list is so numerous that I will not add it here, but you can read it with the attached file.  I suspect that most of these Rottersmans are related.  Please contact me if you are familiar with any of the names on the list.
Sheldon Dan

Bernard FLAM

Hi from Paris,
At least a detective searching Rottersman family !
This is a quite rare name and I couln't find any parent to "Hirsch Rottermann" who is in my tree.
I opened your file and you have some Hirsch :

What I know on "mine" :
  • Hirsch was born ca 1905 in Bochnia, I have no act
  • He maried Estera Kronenberg who was born ca 1906 in Lodz and was a sister of my grandmother GF  Myriam Kronenberg
  • I attach a picture of both of them, taken ca 1931 when Hirsch was at his military service end.
  • They maried ca 1931, but Hirsch birthdate isn't on act, neither his parents name (I have copy of this act)
  • In1933, Hirsch opened an Irish Pub in the main street of Lodz (I have copy of its business registration file)
  • In 1934, Irene has been their 1st child, born in Lodz (I have copy of birth register, Hirsch is 28' or 29')
  • In 1937, David has been their 2nd child, born in Lodz
  • both children get given name of young 1st cousins born in USA : I have pictures of them with my GGF.
  • Their last letter was sent in July 1939 from a city near Bialystok
  • All other Kronenberg died either in Lodz Ghetto, either in Chelmno
  • Hirsch, Estera, Irene & David don't appear on any archives of Lodz ghetto, don't appear on any Shoah list.
So I don't know what have been their fate...

I hope our "Hirsch" could have some connexion.


Bernard Flam
Searching around Lodz : Zysman, Kronenberg, Rottersman, Kwiat

Sheldon Dan


I am attaching a descendants report for Mojzesz Rottersman, Hirsch's father.  There is not much here, and what I got was from JRI-Poland and other sources.

Please check it over and send me your tree with these relatives if you are willing.  We may have a few discrepancies, but it seems that the information is close to what I have.
Sheldon Dan

Sheldon Dan


After I replied to you, I found another Mojzesz Rottersman in my tree.  I am attaching this descendants report so that you can compare it to the other one.

It is possible that the Rachel in the first report is the Ruchla Schagrun in the second report.  One of their sons is a Hirsz (Hirsch) Rottersman, which may be the Hirsch (Henrisch/Herman) Rottersman in the second report.  If so, the unknown first wife in the second report should be Estera Kronenberg and the two unknown children would be Irena and David.  My information says that Estera, Irena, and David died in 1945 in Bialystok, but if the two Hirsches are the same then Hirsch must have survived the Shoah and eventually made Aliyah and remarried there, and then had three other children, Moshe, Zahava, and Rachel.

According to the second report, the first child was born in Wola Batorska, the next two children, including Hirsch, were born in Bochnia, two others were born in Wola Batorska, and the last child was born in Bochnia.  Since my family originated in Bochnia, they may or may not be related, and there are a lot of Rottersman branches who may or may not have been related to my family.

Please look this over and tell me if this second Hirsch could be your ancestor.
Sheldon Dan