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Sharon E Siegel

I am pretty new to posting here and hoping I have hastags and format correct.
A promise made to my late mother-in-law has taken me on an eye-opening and so inspiring, but heartbreaking, heart-wrenching journey of understanding and desire to know all we can about the experiences that brought Anna Iglicka Rzezak Siegel and Israel Rzezak Siegel together and able to survive unimaginable horrs that took the lives of dozens of their loved ones -- nearly their entire families murdered by the time they made it back to their pre-war hometowns.

We have videos of both Izzy and Annie, and notes and some documents. We are retracing their lives and doing extensive research.

We are looking for any tips for direction in reaching out for the following:

Anna Iglicka Rzezak Siegel's family in Lodz or Zdunska Wola.  Her father Shlomo Iglicki was a rabbi.  Her mother Rosa Pakentregger Iglicka  was a housewife.  Anna was the youngest of six children.  Her father told her she was young and could run as Nazi's invaded. She reluctantly did, still as a teen and alone.  She eventually boarded a train to Siberia and was put to work in a logging camp.   When the pact was signed releasing work camp detainees, she made her way by boat to Russian farms and contacted diseases, lost a baby, and learned that all but a brother had been killed while she was away.

Israel Rzezak Siegel was drafted to the Polish and then Russian Armies.  He left his hometown of Lodz, a wife and two young children.  He unknowingly was on the same train that his future wife was on to Siberian logging camp, and then the boat through Russia. They never met until they were off the boat and on the farms and towns in Russia.  Izzy learned that his wife and first two children were murdered, just like Annie's family.

Both managed to get to America on the Marine Perch, where my husband and two younger sons were born.

I have documents and some facts, not enough.

Can anyone advise how to get birth certificates, death certificates, and records from military and work camp detention in Siberian logging camp, and anything else that could help?

Thank you so much for anything you can do to help us. Stanley B. and Sharon E. Siegel, Port Jervis, NY USA

Krzysztof Witaszek

I have found Iglicka Chana born 1922, father Szlama, 
sent to the spec-village Abramkowo on 13.07.1940 from Bialystok region.
After amnesty she went to the city of Samarkanda ( Republic of Uzbekistan) on 11.09.1941.
There is her personal file in the Archangielsk Archive. (signature AR-T- -4950)
The site for the archive
I heard that it  is necessary to write them in Russian.
I don't know where Abramkowo was. It should be in the Archangielsk region (Oblast), but I don't find it on the list of its spec-villages.
On the list there is Icko Rzezak, born 1914, son of Lejzer 
You can search here
The river on which they were traveling had to be Amu Daria. People were put on large barges, many did not survive this flight (diseases, poor nutrition). The end of the flight was in Farab. 
By the way my ggfather Jozef Zaremba and one of his daughters were sent to one of the spec-villages in Archangielsk Oblast in February 1940. They lost their lives on the Amu Daria River. 
Best regards
Krzysztof Witaszek

Krzysztof Witaszek

Finally I've found Abramkowo on the map and on the list.
Coordinates for this place are.
62.08625389606497, 45.09560011268705
It is situated by the river Dwina. So it is likely that Anna traveled also by this river.  
This spec-village was intended only for the Jews. In 1941 there were 350 of them.
The closest river stop for the boats was Jagrysz (10 km away). The closest municipality (Sielsowiet) was Fedkow (10 km). The closest train station was Kotlas (150 km away).
This spec-village was the only one in the region that was not assigned to the forest industry, but to the river transportation (SURP). 
The map shows the spec- villages in Archangielsk Oblast.
White squares show the villages for the Jews and the dark squares for the Poles and others.
Krzysztof Witaszek

Sharon E Siegel

Dear Krzysztof,


Thank you SO much for that information.  It is the most perfect direction to follow. I do not know how to write in Russian, but I will see if Google Translate might help. I will definitely do that.


I know that they were on N. Dvina River during the logging camp.


Here are additional notes I've been making in gathering research. I will add our vital information to this now.


I also know Izzy carried a photo of his first wife and two children all of his life.  It is missing.  I would so wish to find out what Rzezak and children were killed from Lodz who might be Izzy's wife and young son and daughter. They were married for more than ten years.


Thanks a million. This means so much to us. Sharon



1939? Nazi’s were invading their hometown, Lodz, Poland, where family lived.  Anna Iglicki (Iglicka)'s father (Rabbi Shlomo Iglicki) told her, run you are the youngest.  She ran with her sister-in-law (but she may have been a fiancé, not married yet)


Deported from Bialostocka (Bialystok district) early 1940 (park where she was with others who had gathered from her hometown), she was pushed into a cattle car


Took two months to get to open border, border into White Russia opened for ten minutes at time. Anna got through one of those times but the sisterinlaw did not. Anna was alone.


 (Israel and Anna: (from Bialystok Region to Abramkowo in Archangelsk oblast – 365 persons are listed as having been deported to this settlement, part of over 1 million Poles deported to the depths of the Soviet Union)


Abramkowa 7/13/1940, Samarkana 9/11/1941, Uzbecka, Archangielskiego

Got off train in Siberia, Archangielsk (Arkhangelsk Oblasts) surrounded by water, River Northern Dvina, There was a tea house where people were sipping opium.  There was a permanent settlement further upriver.  Israel and Anna’s Work Camp is Abrankowo in Archangelsk. #119 on map of camps.


Cousin (maybe Luba) maybe Zinzkabola


After Siberia:  by boat to other side of Asia (still Russia), off the boat in Ochkan, Tashkan big city full of typhus at the time, then Samarkan (farms)


Kresyfamily records show Israel and Anna were released in September 1941 and were heading to Samarkand in Uzbekistan.


 (Deportees were rleased following the agreement between Polish and Soviet governments in July 1941, so called “Amnesty”. They could choose were to go. 


Anna met Izzy while he was working at a bakery (probably Samarkand or Tashkent, her brother would go in there to get bread. Anna was working on a nearby farm.


Went back to Poland briefly, Izzy kept looking for his family,  They went by horse and buggy, m aybe in 1945?


Linzkabola, Germans were there, Luba came to see her there, Ann and Izzy lived there for a while when she was pregnant, there was still a curfew in affect, she worried if she went into labor who would help her.


Baby was born, a former grade school classmate then a doctor helped her, cried all the time, sought help possibly at large hospital in Vienna, or Austria, after baby died (at age 2-3 months of a mastoid in ear) she spent time in a sanatorium where it used to be Hitler’s former vacation home in the mountains, beautiful area in the mountains


Izzy was drafted to Polish then Russian Army, then taken to Siberian Work Camp.

Sincerely and best gratitude, Sharon Siegel

Sharon E Siegel

Israel Rzezak Siegel March 15, 1905 leningrad, Russia or Lodz, Poland or Gleiwitz, German (also listed at times as 1901)

Anna Iglicki/Iglicka Rzezak Siegel March 10.1922 Lodz, Poland or Zdunska Wola, Poland


I will mark these as you located them in records. Thanks SO SO much, Sharon Siegel, Port Jervis, NY USA