Searching for Tombstone/Cemetery Record for Teraizah/Alice JUROWICZ, died 1933 in Budapest #hungary #records

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,
Would anyone have experience obtaining tombstone and cemetery information from Budapest, Hungary?

My aunt, Teraizah/Alice Jurowicz died at 3 months, in Feb 1933, as per her attached Death Record from Budapest District VI.
I suspect her birthdate was on or about Oct 20, 1932. 

The family was religious, so I think she would have been buried in the Kozma Street Cemetery. 

How can I obtain the detail at the cemetery and possibly a tombstone picture?

Stay safe,    Moishe Miller, Brooklyn, NY   moishe.miller@...    JGFF# 3911

sylvia vanderhoeft

Hi Moishe,
Have you tried the website "Find a grave" ? We found my husbands grandparents and family  tombstones on that website. If not you can always contact Kozma Street Cemetery.
Stay safe
Sylvia Stein ( Vanderhoeft) Boechout, Belgium

Moishe Miller

Thank you for responding. Would you have contact detail, including an email address for the Kozma Street cemetery?
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
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There's a "friends of" website for the cemetery:

Google gives contact information for the cemetery as:
Address: Budapest, Kozma u. 6, 1108 Hungary
Phone: +36 1 262 4687

(That phone number may be from 2002, but I can find nothing newer.)

The Hungarian Wikipedia page for the cemetery says it's owned by the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities; their website is:

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She have been buried in the Orthodox cemetery, also known as "Granatos Street" – of course, since the Kozma Street Cemetery was Neolog.


Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary