Searching for a marriage, recorded in Leeds, Yorkshire, England #unitedkingdom

Jean Warwick

 Hi, I am looking for help in trying to find a Record of the Marriage that took place between, Philip Gross ( Shraga Feiva Ben Yoseph HaLevi) and Mary, Miriam, Olga, or Goldie, Kravitch, Kravitz, Cravitz or, most often recorded as Cravitch.  On the 19 October 1890 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

According to the 1901 and 1911 Census for Scotland they were both born in Russia. But in the latest released Scottish Census, 1921; Philip, age 55, and Mary, age 50, both give their birth place as Russia, Kovna
[listed on Jewishgen as:  Kovna, Hebrew for Kovno, Russian Empire, present day Kaunas, Lithuania]

In 1901 they were living at 51 Commercial Street, Glasgow, [Scotland] Philip Gross was age 33 years old and working on his own account as a Jewellery Traveller, his wife Mary Gross was aged 30 and they had 4 children.

By 1911 they were still in Glasgow, at 134 Thistle Street, Philip was 42 and still working as a Travelling Jeweller and Miriam his wife, was now aged 40, they had been married 22 years and had 8 children.

Their eldest child was born in 1891 at 33 Mason Street, Leeds, Yorkshire, England, and I have a copy of his birth Record from the General Registry.  So, they WERE in Leeds at that time.

I also have birth records for all 9 of their other children, who were born in Scotland, which all state the date of marriage as the 19 October 1890 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

But, I have been unsuccessful in finding a Record or the Civil Registration index of this marriage.  Having tried all the usual channels; General Registry Office, Free BMD, Leeds BMD, Yorkshire BMD, Family Search, Ancestry, Find my Past, Jewishgen databases and database, without success.

I am putting out a request for help in finding this marriage record here, I hope you don't mind! 

Any suggestions or assistance will be most welcome as I have run out of ideas!
Jean Warwick
Coventry, England, UK.

Jill Whitehead

Have you looked at naturalization records - available on These would indicate how long they had been in the UK, if they did naturalize. It is possible they married before coming to UK, and you could try Litvak SIG database here for Kovno. Another possibility is change of surname or mis-transcription, so you may need to try other variations in spelling of surnames. Sometimes families used patronymics - using the father's name as the surname. That is worth trying too. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK


Can you verify the "" database? This does not seem to work. 
Thank you

Dassy Wilen

Harvey Kaplan

Jean Warwick

Thank you for your suggestions Jill
I have tried looking for naturalization records both on Ancestry and at The National Archives, based in Kew;
I have also tried a variety of spellings; 3 of the birth records were registered under the surname Grouse (no luck using this variation for their marriage certificate either).
But I haven't tried using their father's names as the surname, I have Philip's father's name as Joseph, so I will give this a try with various spellings.

Jean Warwick,
Coventry, England

Jean Warwick

Other, private, responses to my request have suggested:

 You, might google for UK Status  religious marriage. They might have had only a religious marriage and this might not have been state registered, though it should have been. 
With luck you might find a record in "The archives of the Leeds Synagogues".  I didn't know of this one so have contacted them via their website email address and am awaiting a response.

Michael suggested, I visit the local Family History Society to see if they can help.

Thank you, to everyone who has made suggestions so far, I am interested in any further suggestions anyone might have,

The hunt goes on
Jean Warwick, UK