Searching for Anna Passin (?) SLONIMSKY #lithuania #belarus


My grandmother, whose last name is very difficult to read on her
children's birth certificate, said she came from Vilna. She may have been born 
in Mogilev, Russia, as it was at the time. She apparently emigrated about 1906,
since my elder uncle Barnett (later Ben) was born in 
1907 in NYC.

Here she used the name Anna Slonimsky, (not to be confused with my
great aunt, Annie Slonimsky Feinstein, who emigrated to the US in the
late 1890s). It is not clear where she married my grandfather, Max
(Moshe) Slonimsky. I found a marriage certificate in the NYC Municipal
Archives for her second marriage after Max died in 1917, but not her
marriage to Max.  I do not know Anna's original name, but assume it
may have been Chana or Chaya.

Max emigrated when he was in his teens, along with several younger
siblings, in the late 1890s. I assume they were not married at that
time. Max was from the Slonim area (Belarus), not Vilna. No other members of my
grandmother's family emigrated to America, according to my father.
The family lived in Manhattan until Anna died in January, 1927. After
Max died, Anna ran a candy stand or store and a restaurant, presumably
not at the same time. It would have probably been in Hell's Kitchen or
the Lower East Side.

Any suggestions or assistance would be most welcome. I've worked on
this on and off for over 30 years with no success, even visiting my
grandmother's grave, though at that time I was a novice and did not
read Hebrew.

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC
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