Searching for lost relative in London #unitedkingdom #poland

E Feinstein

I am researching the RAJCHMAN or REICHMAN family of Klimontow, Poland.  The parents were Yechiel (Jechiel) Alter RAJCHMAN / REICHMAN and his wife Maria Sura / Sara Miriam SALZMANN / ZALCMAN.  One of the sons Aron married someone in Polaniec and another son Moshe emigrated to Great Britain and lived in London.  Some of Aron's descendants survived the holocaust and were in touch with their REICHMAN relatives in London but the connection has since been lost.  We assume that one of the London children had the Hebrew name Yechiel Alter ben Moshe--and that the Yechiel Alter name has been passed down in this REICHMAN family.
Please let me know if you know this family or have any research suggestions.
Thank you.
Clifton USA

David Leboff

Hi Eric
Do you know when Moshe emigrated to the UK?
There was a Yechiel Alter Reichman born in Hackney, London in 2001, the mother's maiden name being Weill.  This could be Eve Weill, who married Israel Reichmann (note the double n) in 1980, also in Hackney.  In fact, there are twelve children with the surname Reichman(n) and the mother's surname Weill during the period 1984-2004 in northeast London, although they may be from more than one family.  Israel Reichmann may have born in Salford, Greater Manchester in 1958, the mother's maiden name being Dubov.  She had married Aryeh Reichmann in 1951.
That's as far as I've got thus far.
David Leboff